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Rubber Surfacing in Residential Spaces: An Essential Guide

Rubber surfaces are not just a great flooring option for gyms and industrial spaces it’s an ideal option for modern homes. Owing to its unique properties and stylish appeal, rubber surfacing is slowly making its way to residential spaces.

This guide throws light on why installing rubber flooring is the best decision you could make to improve your home’s functionality and value. But before that, let’s understand what factors homeowners should consider when deciding on the flooring.

4 Considerations When Choosing Home Flooring

The sheer number of flooring choices available today can make it tough for homeowners to choose an apt surface for their living spaces. Considering the below-mentioned factors will help you make a sane decision in this matter.

1. Location

Each functional area in your home demands a different type of flooring. Before making a decision, consider the needs of that space and how you’ll be using it. For instance, laminate flooring is quite durable and also looks good; however, it isn’t skid-resistant. Therefore, it’s not a kids’ safe surface.

Similarly, your outdoor flooring choice will differ from the one used indoors.

But modern rubber surfacing options are changing this perception. These surfaces are so versatile that you can install them in almost any area of your home. For instance, if you’re looking for a good bathroom surface that’s moisture-resistant and reduces the risk of skidding, consider installing a rubber surface.

2. Lifestyle

The flooring you choose should complement your lifestyle. Carefully consider the needs and daily activities of your family members and weigh your options. Do you have seniors and kids in your family? Then you may need to go for a skid-proof safety surfacing that has excellent shock-absorbing potential.

Similarly, if you have kids and pets around, the surface you choose should be able to withstand the excessive wear and tear during playtime, stains, and messes. Here, you would need durable and low-maintenance flooring.

The ability of the flooring to stand up to adverse conditions will determine how much you and your family enjoy the space. Hence, durability is one big factor in your family home flooring decision.

3. Your Preferred Decor Style

Flooring plays a huge role in instilling an immediate sense of luxury to a living space. Hence, you should choose a surface that looks good and matches your lifestyle and overall interior design. Whether you want to achieve a classy, modern, minimalist, or industrial look, make sure you choose a surfacing that adds interest to the decor while being comfortable underfoot.

4. Budget

Flooring prices vary significantly. Besides looking at the aesthetics and functional aspects, assess whether or not the flooring you opt for fits your budget. Also, consider the expected long-term returns. If the surface you are considering requires a huge initial investment but fits your lifestyle and demands little maintenance, it’s worth the price!

Why Rubber Surfacing Is Ideal for Homes

Every home needs a versatile, durable, safe, and easy to clean surface. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, the flooring should elevate the overall decor and add value to your residential asset.

Rubber surfacing meets all these requirements. It’s a modern and versatile flooring option that adds an instant dose of elegance to your rooms. Rubber is resistant to wear and tear and needs little maintenance. These features make rubber floors ideal for areas with high traffic, like the kitchen, living room, and the entryway.

Rubber flooring is a sound dampening surface as it absorbs echo and reduces noise transmission. This greatly improves the quality of desirable sounds. Moreover, rubber surfaces are skid-resistant even when the area is wet. So, whether you are walking at a fast pace, have kids and pets running around, or seniors who need extra care, rubber surfaces will make the space safe for all. Its high coefficient of friction hugely reduces the chances of slips and falls.

Since rubber is naturally elastic, it offers adequate cushioning underfoot which is quite relaxing at the end of a tiring day. The family safe flooring has excellent shock-absorbing potential also reduces the risk of serious injuries, in case of an accident.

Finally, rubber surfaces are easy to clean and inhospitable to infectious microorganisms and allergens. This greatly improves the indoor air quality and makes the living space hygienic for all the occupants.

Rubber Surfacing for Residential Spaces: What Are the Possibilities?

If you are thinking of installing a new surface and rubber isn’t on your mind, you got to think again! The world of benefits it offers along with its ability to turn any room into a visual treat makes it an ideal option for all the areas of your home. Most homeowners are already installing rubber floors in their living area, bedrooms, basement, and garage.

Here are six other areas where you wouldn’t have thought of applying rubber surfacing and why you should consider them in the future.

1. Entryway and Mudroom

Your home’s entryway and/or mudroom is a buffer zone that keeps (and ends up holding!) the rain, snow, and dirt from entering the living spaces. This is where pets and kids come running in from the rain or snow. Moreover, this area experiences high-foot traffic throughout the day.

Rubber surfacing makes an ideal floor here because of its durability and ability to resist moisture.

2. Kitchen

If you’ve read through the benefits of rubber surfacing shared earlier, you’ll see how it’s perfect for your cooking area. Those long hours of cooking, cleaning, and entertaining guests (if you have an open kitchen) can be tough on your feet.

Do yourself a favor and install rubber surfacing that’s springy underfoot and easy on your joints.

3. Bathroom

Rubber surfacing makes an excellent wet flooring option. Plus, manufacturers are constantly introducing striking patterns, colors, and textures. This makes it ideal for areas that tend to retain moisture, namely the bathrooms and the laundry room.

4. Kid’s Room and Nursery

When playing on hard surfaces, kids tend to fall and injure themselves. The kid-safe flooring offers desired traction and enough cushion underfoot, reducing the risk of injuries.

Moreover, day-to-day life with kids and pets involves messy spills and stains. Rubber floors are easy to clean and stain-resistant; hence, you don’t have to stress about such messy situations.

5. Audiovisual or Game Room

Installing rubber surfacing in your gaming zone or audiovisual room makes complete sense. That’s because rubber absorbs noise echo, thus improving the overall sound quality and preventing the noise from traveling to the other rooms.

6. Pool Deck

The flooring benefits of poured-in-place rubber surfacing extend to the pool decks. It’s an excellent wet surfacing option that boosts a property’s curb appeal. No wonder, an increasing number of homeowners prefer a rubber surface on pool decks to materials like stone or bricks.

Summing Up

Every flooring option comes with its pros and cons. Not all flooring options meet the criteria used by homeowners to opt for an ideal surface. But rubber flooring is one option that meets most of the criteria shared in this post.

We understand that choosing a surface for your home can be a tricky decision. Here’s a suggestion! Get in touch with us and tell us what you are envisioning for your home. Our team of experts will work out a tailored solution for you as per your needs and budget.

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