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7 Reasons Why Rubber Surfacing Is Ideal for Sports Centers

Athletes and coaches spend a lot of time deciding what shoes or equipment to purchase for improving their performance. But what about the flooring that they train on? Great athletes are made on the ground they train on! As a result, the flooring of the sports or training center should be such that it supports the athlete in achieving their heroic ambitions in sports.

An ideal training space flooring should not just stand up to high-intensity plyometrics, calisthenics, weightlifting, and other types of training but also allow the athlete to train for peak performance. Owing to their shock-absorbing and slip-resistant properties, rubber floors are most suitable for sports courts and training centers. Rubber makes a great surface for sportspeople to train on, allowing them to hone their athletic abilities.

Read on to know why more and more sports centers are opting for rubber surfacing.

1. Guarantees High Performance

Performance improvement is the basis of athletes training and that can only be achieved with high-intensity workouts. However, any high-impact activity needs a sturdy and resilient floor that cushions the leg joints while boosting plyometric power.

Rubber surfacing allows quick acceleration and excellent shock absorption, enabling the athlete to reach their full potential. For instance, it can allow weight lifters to dig deep and get the most out of every lift. Similarly, the improved traction allows runners to push themselves to their limits without fearing a fall.

2. Reduces Muscle Exertion

The unrelenting repetition of high-impact workouts is what helps athletes to get where they aim to be in the future. However, the absence of a suitable flooring can cause serious injuries and accidents.

Rubber is inherently one of the most resilient and elastic materials found on earth. That’s why rubber surfacing feels soft and comfortable underfoot. Also, it can absorb the violent impact of intense workouts or sudden athletic movements and mitigate muscle stress.

Rubcorp’s flooring is ergonomically designed to reduce the stress caused to the leg muscles and return the energy with every contact. This allows athletes to focus on their workout while reducing the crushing impact of repetitive training.

3. Prevents Serious Slips and Falls

The last thing an athlete wants is being sidelined due to a fall injury. Rubcorp understands how devastating that can be. Our rubber surfacing has a high coefficient of friction, making it slip-resistant even in a wet environment.

Also, in case of a fall, the surface allows excellent shock-absorption and cushioning, thus protecting the athlete from serious injuries.

4. Can Be Used for a Variety of Sports Activities

Rubber flooring is versatile and proven to be effective and safe for different types of sports.

– Heavy-weight training areas – The strength training room is subject to a lot of use and abuse. Rubber flooring offers a stable and uniform surface for high-impact and intense weight training. Since rubber is dense and resilient, it easily holds the extra weight without bending, breaking, or denting.

Moreover, as shared earlier, rubber flooring absorbs the shock and sound resulting from the dropping of weights.

– Running tracks – Rubber flooring is durable enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic on a jogging track while being easy on the runners’ feet. Also, it isn’t easily punctured or torn by the spikes on running shoes.

– Aerobic and gymnastic centers – These types of sports require balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. Also, the performer uses quick and powerful movements, causing high-impact landing. Rubber flooring offers greater shock-absorption and cushioning and the required stability to acrobats, making it the number one choice for aerobic centers.

– Skating rink perimeter – Rubber flooring is an ideal flooring to have around the perimeter of the rink or in the bench areas where people need to have a safe footing.

– Multi-purpose athletic facilities – Rubber surfacing works for all intense sports activities like tennis, basketball, soccer, ice-skating, hockey, and volleyball among others. It’s resilient to wear and tear and lacerations, can withstand the weight of heavy equipment, and prevent accidents and injuries.

5. Allows Athletes to Focus in a Noisy Environment

Focus and determination are critical to a successful elite athlete training. However, training centers and gymnasiums are high-traffic cavernous spaces rife with sounds from various sources. It can be tough for athletes to concentrate when weights are being dropped or cardio exercises being performed next door.

Rubber flooring is designed to mitigate sound in and between spaces, thus allowing athletes to focus on their training. It is ideal for multi-purpose sports training facilities.

6. Offers Multiple Style Options

Rubber floors aren’t just black or gray. Contemporary rubber flooring comes in a wide range of colors and textures that can be customized as per your needs. You’ll be amazed at the choices available today!

The flooring can be perfectly molded to complement the overall decor and layout of the sports facility.

Rubcorp offers tailored sports surface solutions that can incorporate existing themes and even the logos or graphics of the sports facility. We use varying proportions of colorful EPDM to create a custom color mix, thus ensuring homogeneous construction and color uniformity. This means, our rubber flooring can withstand everything from skates to heavyweights with no visible wear and tear.

7. Is Easy to Clean

Owing to the high foot traffic and intense sweaty workouts it sees each day, sports surfaces need to be cleaned daily. Thankfully, rubber flooring is easy to clean and maintain. The flooring is resistant to stains and moisture. It can take everything from spills to sweaty workouts without causing molds, mildew, and stains.

A wet mop and mild cleaning solution is all you need to keep it in pristine condition. Just make sure to use a pH-neutral cleaner. Harsh detergents can harm the rubber surface in the long term.

Summing Up

Sports centers and gymnasiums need flooring that’s durable, absorbs shocks, resists traction, and safeguards against injuries. Rubber flooring meets these requirements, allowing sports enthusiasts to perform rigorous fitness training while ensuring their comfort and safety.

It takes a lot of determination, grit, and perseverance on behalf of a sportsperson to ace at a sport. At Rubcorp, we are committed to offering the highest quality rubber surfacing that rewards those who train the hardest. Our rubber flooring solutions are best suited for athletic needs.

If you are looking to install flooring for sports facilities, we can help! Get in touch with us to know your options.

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