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3 Ways That Quality Sports Flooring Will Improve Health

We are living in a world where health is dominating media headlines and our conversations by the water cooler. We are constantly questioning if we are doing enough to stay healthy as the world spins on the axis of COVID-19, and are we doing enough to protect our customers.

Across the world, companies are being asked to complete rigorous certifications and testing standards to distinguish which ones are going the extra mile for their customers and keep them as healthy as possible. For those working in the sports industry, let’s look at how your flooring decisions can also affect the overall health and wellness of the customer.


As the floor is the first point of contact in your building, it absorbs a huge amount that can become harmful to your visitors. The simple act of choosing suitable flooring can make it that bit easier to keep the surface cleaner.

Bacteria thrive with the right humidity, temperature and food to reproduce. It is important to therefore have a surface with limited retention of moisture, and the accessibility to regularly remove buildup of dirt.

Viruses can be eliminated from surfaces with regular cleaning of with water and a detergent of neutral pH between 7-9.

Maintenance needs consideration as to how different surfaces are cleaned and how regularly. A seamless and smooth system such as quality installed vinyl or hardwood, or certain types of rubber can make for straight forward cleaning compared to sub-par rubber mats, tiles or rolls for example.

Think about the specific anti-microbial properties of different surfaces that you use in your property. Did you know that rubber for example has particularly strong anti-microbial properties?

Air Quality

We are living in an era where air quality has never been a more popular topic of conversation. Modern energy efficient buildings are practically airtight therefore circulation of air may not be adequate. Given people inhale more during exercise, the air quality (IAQ) must be high. The use of a carefully selected flooring system can enhance the air quality of your premises.

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content can be maximized by quality flooring for example using EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) rubber compared to cheaper rubbers such as SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) which is commonly known as recycled tires. It is also essential to use non-toxic adhesives and coating materials during installation.

If you ignore your air quality, it can lead to damaging short term effects such as headaches, fatigue and nausea. Then there are even more damaging long-term effects such as asthma, allergies, and even cancer that has been linked to exposure over time to VOCs. This is a particularly important consideration in schools as children more at risk to airborne pollution.

Injury Prevention

Beyond the evident COVID related health benefits and functionally, in a sporting environment we need to carefully consider how a functional surface can enhance injury prevention in your premises.

Traction: Your flooring should have good frictional properties to avoid slips but at the same time it should have sufficient deformation properties to allow for rotational movements without compromising lower limb injuries.

Impact Absorption: The technical term for this is Force Reduction. Not only will this help cushion falls and potentially help reduce immediate impact injuries, it will also reduce the strain on people’s joints over time. This will ultimately reduce the likelihood of chronic tendon injuries and stress fractures occurring.

Consideration must also be given to avoid potential hazards from tripping over poorly installed or cumbersome flooring.

Final Word

The health of your customers and visitors has always been a priority, but today, it is even more critical. By choosing the right flooring, you can enhance your ability to keep your premises clean, improve air quality, and help reduce injuries. There has never been a better time to consider your building’s flooring options.

At Rubcorp, our Performance Line provides quality sports flooring, with not only proper function and performance, but also the properties and installation processes to protect the health and safety for all of its users. You can trust us with your new sports flooring project and rest assured that you’ll get the perfect athletic surface for your needs. Contact us at for more information!

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