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We provide Training, support, and distribution services for the rubber surfacing industry.

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Rubcorp Custom Support Services

At Rubcorp, we are convinced that your surfacing business can thrive, and we have dedicated our business to making that happen! There are a host of ways that we support you, and you can have that support to extend beyond an answered phone call or a few words of kindness.
We have a menu of support services available to our trained installation partners.

Installations Support Services

It is our business to train you on how to install, support your installation needs, and supply you with the materials to do so. There is no one that understands the challenges that can arise from an installation. We want you to have the peace of mind to aggressively book new installations with new clients. We can help you to have that confidence by utilizing one of our installations support services.

Rubcorp Expert Installer

One of your installers out? Big job with a limited timeframe for completion? Need a head start? High profile job where a specialized installation skill is needed?
We understand that you may have circumstances where you would benefit from an extra set of hands that happen to be industry-leading skill levels.

  • Installation – $700 per day
  • Meals – $75 per day
  • Accommodations – $150 per day
  • Travel – Equal reimbursement as arranged by Rubcorp home office

Rubcorp Project Management

We understand that you may have more than one installation taking place at the same time. You may have installed a few jobs, and were able to win a big, or high-profile job. Whatever the case, you can count of us.

We will provide one of our experienced experts to oversee every aspect of the installation. Ensuring a clean and efficient jobsite workflow, optimal sequence, blending and proper closing of the rubber surface, and quality assurance, we will be onsite and attentive. While reassuring the client and driving your installation team, we will ensure that the service you provide will meet our highest of standards.

– $2,500/day

Rubcorp Training OTJ

You went through the training with a couple of your guys, and you have a few installations under your belt. Now you have won your first substantial installment job. You have hired a couple of new guys, and you want to use this job to make sure your guys have a full understanding of the trade so that you can leverage this job to the next level of referrals.

We can bring the expertise you need to your Jobsite! Our professionals will conduct an installation training for your team and work closely with them throughout the day to ensure that the techniques they’ve been taught are being properly instituted.

– $2,000

Rubcorp Planning Service

You have a big job with copings, stairs, logos, custom designs, and all the fixings. You are proposing a job that has multiple tiers and a demand for specific platting and a color specific rendering. At Rubcorp, we understand the challenges with this level of detail.

The Rubcorp Planning Service will provide you with all you need to be confident that you can give your clients the visual representation to allow them a full understanding of what you will provide.

  • Rendering – $350
  • Material and Labor Estimates – $150
  • Platting Overlays – $500

Rubcorp Proposal Prep Service

One shot to give an impressive visual representation of your installation skill. Larger commercial clients often want to know everything about the surface they are choosing. They want technical specifications, visual representations, and proven testing procedures.

The Rubcorp Proposal Prep Service will provide you with a presentation that you can stand behind with the confidence to blow them away. We will format a digital representation of everything you need to allow you to walk into your presentation meeting, and deliver your pitch to win the business.

– $500

Rubcorp Premier Partnership Service

You have marketed, expanded your network, successfully complete many installations, and now you are presented with an opportunity that is bigger and more prevalent than you ever thought. Don’t feel like you have to go it alone!

Having closed sales on many hundreds of thousands of square feet of surfacing business, Rubcorp is familiar with your challenge. Let us work right beside you from the start. We will advise on communication, create any presentation material, and even head to that boardroom to close the business on your behalf. Your success is our success, and we want nothing more than to help you win!

– 25% Total Revenue

Marketing Support Services

Marketing your business can mean many things, and many times our partners expend budget prematurely or in areas they may not be the most effective.  The digital and social media age has had a great deal of impact on marketing.  Many believe that they are now marketing experts, while others do nothing in confusion or for fear of doing the wrong thing.

Rubcorp is always working hard to provide all of our installation partners with a strong series of marketing campaigns and a prevalent social media presence at no charge whatsoever, but for you to truly drive business growth, that may not be enough. Our marketing and creative team are here to provide you with what you need to get on the right path and stay on it!

No matter your situation, we know what it will take to get from where you are to where you want to be. We utilize a wide array of digital marketing tools to boost your brand image so you can get the customers you deserve. Digital marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Rubcorp Display Design Services

Greater than 88% of prospective buyers who visit our showroom become our clients.  We aren’t bragging. We are just proud!  The graphic representation, feel, product demonstration, and the general flow of your showroom and trade show displays can be the difference between wide-eyed appreciation and an underwhelming indifference.  We can design the graphics, display, and general format of your most valuable areas.

We believe the path to success is built upon a foundation of trust and respect. We get to know our clients so we can use the right tools to fit their needs. We are a goal-oriented firm.
“Let’s Build Your Brand”

  • Brand Design – $550
  • Display Design – $750
  • Total Display Design and Layout – $1200
  • Printing and Display Structure – Market Price

*Rubcorp Display Design Service does not guarantee increased sales results.  All design requests must be submitted by the appropriate procedure.  Timeframe for design completion is subject to demand and will require active response by the installation partner.  Fees are due up front for services.  Designs are approved by the installer partner, and all approvals are final.

No refunds will be issued for design services.  Rubcorp Brand and Products may not be displayed in any form without submission and written approval of Rubcorp Distribution LLC.

* Prices are subject to change based on industry trends, project scope and complexity of the project.

Rubcorp (marketing) Collateral Services

Our teams work tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge of our marketing messages.  Mailers, one-page information pieces, overview booklets, and more; we design these for you!  Every item we design is available for you to purchase, and we can even print and ship them if you would like!

  • Digital File – $250/ea
  • Printed material:
  • Design Fee – $100
  • Printing – quoted upon request
*Rubcorp marketing collateral is proprietary and can only be used with the consent of Rubcorp Distribution LLC.  No material may be shared physically, digitally, or in any format for the purposes of business use for the sender or recipient.

Rubcorp Sample Service

We have a great product, and your clients want to see it!  Custom blends, coatings, bases for testing, and many more; those with whom you interact will have any number of requests.  We understand that it is not feasible for you to have a stock of every color and size of granule in order to create the perfect sample in order to win the business.  Our R&D team consists of the most experienced installers in the industry, and they can get the job done!

1” x 1” Hand Samples – $2.25/ea
12” x 12” Drop Samples – $22.49/ea
12” x 36” Demo Samples –  $99.99/ea

*Custom blend fulfillment is contingent upon material availability.  Any sample requests require a minimum notice of 3 business days to allow for curing and may be extended for special requests such as coatings or backings.  Shipping costs are not included.

Rubcorp Digital and Social Media Analysis

You know that your business is only viable with a consistent revenue stream, and can only achieve sustainable growth by investing in effective marketing.  Today’s marketing climate is begins with a digital footprint.  However, the mistake made across our industry is the belief that anyone with a phone and computer can implement an effective strategy.  There are many variables and essential elements involved in the process of marketing in our digital era.

Offered in conjunction with Ronkot Design, Rubcorp’s official digital media and printing partner, we can now offer our installers an all-inclusive analysis of their digital marketing footprint.  The team at Ronkot Design will take a close look at your website and all of your current social media profiles, and determine if you have the proper function, layouts, and linked support that gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to marketing.

Their report will come to you in the form of a detailed document with in-depth explanations, and potential courses of action.  Upon receiving the report, the team at RonKot will review the report with you line by line. After review, you may choose to engage their team directly in allowing them to implement the strategy, or simply use the information as you wish.

  • Analysis and Personal Review – $399.99

This will include the most current SEO analysis report (If a website is present)

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