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9 FAQs about Pet-Friendly Rubber Surfacing Answered

9 FAQs About Pet-Friendly Rubber Surfacing Answered

Plastic, epoxy, and the concrete-based surfacing are well suited to outdoor environments, but it doesn’t offer the gentleness or flexibility that dogs and cats need to live comfortably. Pets and wildlife are very susceptible to slipping hazards. 

As a result, pet-friendly rubber surfacing offers a better alternative as it provides excellent grip, cushioning and resilience. There is no better surface for pets! But there are lots of people online who have lots of questions about pet-friendly rubber surfacing!

To help you allay doubts, this article will answer all your questions you might have regarding pet-friendly rubber surfacing. 

1. Why is rubber surfacing considered a pet-friendly option?

The rubber surfacing is durable and can withstand even the weight of a heavy animal such as a horse and the heavy traffic from paws and hooves.

Also, since rubber is softer as compared to other floors and has high elasticity, it makes it easier on the pet’s joints, bones, muscles, and paws by providing comfort.   

Besides, rubber surfaces are scratch, stain, water, slip, bacteria, and mold-resistant. They are also easy to maintain and clean, and keep with your home’s look and feel.

2. Where can you install pet-friendly rubber surfacing?

At home, you can install pet-friendly rubber surfacing in your interior, patio, backyard, kennel, or under the litter box.

The rubber surfacing is also suited for commercial use and is popularly installed in dog daycares, veterinary buildings, or animal hospitals.  

You can also use rubber floors in horse stalls, barns, and dog parks.  

3. What rubber surfaces are best for your canine business?

There are two popular rubber flooring options for people running a canine business. 

  • Rolled rubber flooring: This type of rubber flooring is made of recycled rubber tires and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor coverage. Besides being an eco-friendly option, it is sturdy enough to prevent damage and smooth enough to provide comfort. Rolled rubber floors also provide grip, and if you install it correctly, your canine friend will not chew it.

Basic black rolled rubber flooring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If you opt for color fleck, install it indoors. The color fleck can fade if exposed to the sun.

You can use a sealant to fill in pours. It will give you a water-resistant surface and keep the surface clean and bacteria-free.

  • Vulcanized rubber mats: Vulcanized rubber mat/virgin rubber is extremely durable and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They are even installed in farms and zoos. Since this type of rubber mat gives you a non-porous surface, it will keep the dog’s urine and feces out of the floor without needing to apply a sealant.

Vulcanized rubber mats offer your dogs a stable, comfy base for daycare, vet care, and agility sites. They also provide grip when moisture becomes an issue, and they are easy to clean. 

4. What type of flooring should you choose for an older dog?

Older dogs usually have trouble getting their footing. They are also prone to accidents and could not only injure themselves but cause lasting damage to your floor. 

Rubber surfaces are thus an excellent option for older dogs as they provide grip and are durable. They can also offer comfort to their aching joints, bones, muscles, and paws, as rubber floors offer padding. For the same reasons and more, rubber surfaces are ideal for senior living

5. Is pet-friendly rubber surfacing eco-friendly?

It is essential to think about the impact on the environment of any new floor covering that you plan to install in your home, but especially with pets in mind. Luckily, since pet-friendly rubber surfacing is often made with recycled rubber, it can be eco-friendly. Rubber flooring can benefit both owners and the pet.

6. How to install pet-friendly rubber surfacing?

You can either loosely lay the rubber surface or adhere the surface to the subfloor with double-sided tape or glue. The second option is a quicker, easier, and permanent solution.   

7. How safe is rubber mulch for dogs?   

Since high-quality rubber mulch is 99.9% metal-free, it is safe both for pets and children. The Environmental Protection Agency cited rubber mulch as safe, non-toxic, and poses no health risks to pets or people.

8. What happens if your dog chews on or swallows the rubber mulch?

Pets have the habit of chewing on anything. The same rules would apply to chewing on rubber mulch as would apply to any other flooring or non-food objects. 

You should closely supervise your canine friend whenever they are near foreign objects or non-food objects. In case your dog swallows some rubber mulch, it is most likely that nothing serious will happen. Yet, be aware of the risk of digestive blockage. 

9. Is rubber surfacing suitable for horse arenas?

Yes, rubber surfacing is suitable for horse arenas. The surface of the arena impacts the athletic potential, health, comfort, and life span of your horse. 

An ideal arena surface should reduce injuries, support the hooves, return energy to your equestrian friend, and absorb shock.

Since rubber is shock-absorbent, durable, elastic, resilient, and soft at the same time, they are an excellent horse arena option. It also provides the required grip. 

Besides, rubber surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, making them a great alternative to porous surfaces such as compact clay and sand that soak up the urine and cause respiratory problems in horses. Rubber surfaces can let your pet’s droppings to drain and run out of the arena.

Also, since rubber is waterproof and a great insulator, it will safeguard your pet’s feet against frost. 


The pet-friendly rubber surfacing is a solution for pet lovers and pet owners who want their pets to enjoy the outdoors but don’t want them messing up the grass. 

This type of surface can be used in garden areas, near ponds, under trees, or planted with shrubs and is ideal for pet owners looking to make the most of their garden.

Make sure to go through these FAQs before to alleviate any doubts you have about rubber surfacing.

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