Welcome to Rubcorp

We provide Training, support, and distribution services for the rubber surfacing industry.

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Next Generation Space for Next Generation Training

  • Exclusive formulation and optional coatings
  • Sled work
  • Functional technique Coefficient of friction design
  • Focus on engaged movements, instead of injuries
  • Highly durable for repetitive movements such as ropes, chains, sleds, and loaded impacts
  • Noise cancellation for spaces of all sizes and dimensions
  • Soft impact for Olympic lifts and free weights
  • Non-slip for HIIT, CrossFit, and other class environments

Stay in the Game

  • Anti-microbial characteristics
  • Anti-slip surface allowing the athlete to “dig”
  • “Bruise not Break” softer impact for falls and missteps
  • Easy to maintenance for a clean and healthy training space
  • Eliminate rubber odor from standard mats; and reduce body odor accumulation occurring in fibrous coverings

Train in Style

  • Seamless installation eliminates debris collection
  • Personal, corporate, or chosen logos and designs
  • Colors chosen for your space aesthetic
  • Optimize your space for videography and photo ops.

From the base to the stabilizing topcoat, the Rubcorp Performance line of systems attacks your surface using a layered system each with a specified purpose for ultimate protection and ongoing training.

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