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Take your athletic performance to the next level with Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind top-of-the-line rubber surfacing and Nike Grind material. We provide training, support, and distribution for all your surfacing needs in North America.

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Rubcorp is now the exclusive distributor, trainer, and support for PLAYTOP/ NIKE GRIND throughout all of North America.

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System improvements

Utilizing decades of experience over more than 2 million square feet, Rubcorp has enhanced the prestige of the Nike brand by formulating a never-before-installed surfacing system to present the absolute apex in performance surfacing.

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Nike Grind material

A sustainable solution for sports surfaces

Nike Grind material is revolutionizing the world of sports surfaces with its sustainable and eco-friendly properties.

Made from recycled athletic shoes, this innovative material not only reduces waste but also provides superior performance on sports fields.

One of the key benefits of Nike Grind material is its durability. The rubber granules used in the manufacturing process are sourced from worn-out athletic shoes, which means they have already proven their strength and resilience. This makes Nike Grind an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as playgrounds, running tracks, and turf fields.


Learn from ``The Authority``

Rubcorp has provided training for more than 300 installation partners and supports more than 230 today. Rubcorp Academy was the original rubber surface training curriculum, and it continues to be the stand-alone today.

The Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind material is reserved for only the elite and most accomplished surfacing partners within our network.

Rubcorp Academy – Nike Grind Edition
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  • Induction into the exclusivity of heightened support
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Unleash Your Performance Potential with Nike Grind Rubber Surfacing by Rubcorp

Elevate your athletic performance with Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind material. Find out why top athletes trust us for their training and competition surfaces.

Eco-Friendly Option

With Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind material, we not only provide quality surfacing solutions but also contribute to sustainability efforts by repurposing rubber waste. Join us in creating a greener future with our eco-friendly products.

Sustainable Surfacing Solution

By utilizing Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind material, not only provides a durable and high-quality rubber surface but also promotes sustainability by repurposing materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Sustainable Surfacing

Rubcorp is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility by using Nike Grind material, made from recycled athletic shoes, for all of our installations. Not only do you get a high-quality rubber surface, but you also contribute to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.



Rubber surfacing has long been recognized as a versatile and durable solution for various applications, ranging from playgrounds to sports facilities. However, the incorporation of Nike Grind material takes rubber surfacing performance to new heights. Nike Grind material is an innovative and sustainable blend made from recycled athletic shoes and manufacturing scraps. When applied in rubber surfacing projects, it not only enhances durability but also significantly reduces environmental impact.

Rubcorp, a leading provider of rubber surfacing solutions, has embraced the use of Nike Grind material in their products with remarkable results. The high-quality composition of this unique material ensures exceptional resistance against wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic or intense sporting activities while providing superior traction underfoot. Furthermore, its vibrant colors add aesthetic appeal to any surface without compromising on functionality or safety standards sought after by professional athletes and recreational users alike. With Rubber surfacing using Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind material, one can confidently expect a top-notch performance that not only meets expectations but exceeds them – all while contributing positively towards sustainability efforts.


Rubber surfacing has proven to be a resilient and versatile solution for various industries, including livestock care. With the emergence of sustainable practices in agriculture, utilizing Nike Grind material in this context presents an innovative approach towards improving animal welfare and farm management. The incorporation of Nike Grind material into rubber surfacing for livestock facilities is facilitated by Rubcorp, a leading provider of eco-friendly solutions. This pioneering technique, known as Quadru-Care, not only promotes comfort and safety for animals but also helps farmers enhance their productivity while reducing environmental impact.

By repurposing discarded athletic shoes through meticulous recycling processes, Nike Grind material provides exceptional durability and cushioning properties that are particularly beneficial for hooved animals such as horses and cows. The use of this high-quality recycled rubber not only minimizes waste but also ensures long-term cost-effectiveness due to its extended lifespan under heavy usage conditions. In addition to its superior shock-absorbing capabilities that protect joints and hooves from injury or strain, the integration of Nike Grind material with rubber surfacing significantly reduces noise levels within barns or stables—a factor crucial in maintaining optimal stress-free environments for livestock’s overall well-being. As farmers increasingly prioritize sustainability alongside efficient animal care practices, Rubber surfacing using Nike Grind material becomes an essential asset that harmoniously combines functionality with environmentally conscious principles at the forefront of modern agricultural advancements.


Rubber surfacing has revolutionized the pool industry, thanks to the incorporation of Nike Grind material by Rubcorp. Pools are no longer merely concrete or tiled structures; they now offer a unique and eco-friendly experience through the use of this groundbreaking innovation. Nike Grind material, derived from recycled athletic shoes, is incorporated into rubber surfacing products that provide exceptional durability and safety for pool areas.

The vibrant colors available in this range allow for creative designs and patterns that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of pools, transforming them into visually stunning recreational spaces. Additionally, the utilization of Nike Grind material significantly reduces environmental impact by diverting tons of waste from landfills while simultaneously establishing a circular economy approach within the pool industry. With its outstanding slip-resistant properties and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions without compromising on quality or aesthetics, Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind material serves as an innovative solution for creating sustainable and captivating pools across various settings.

PRO-LINE (Safety)

In order to ensure optimal safety at work, it is crucial to utilize high-quality materials that provide effective protection. Nike Grind material emerges as a remarkable solution for safeguarding employees in work safety areas. This innovative material, derived from recycled athletic shoes and manufacturing scraps, offers numerous advantages when used for rubber surfacing. Through the utilization of Nike Grind in rubber surfacing applications, companies can create durable and slip-resistant surfaces that enhance traction and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries within the workplace environment.

The unmatched durability of Nike Grind ensures its longevity even under heavy foot traffic, thus reducing maintenance costs while simultaneously promoting sustainability by utilizing recycled materials rather than resorting to new resources. Furthermore, this revolutionary material is ingeniously transformed into robust flooring solutions by Rubcorp – a leading manufacturer renowned for their expertise in creating top-notch rubber products tailored specifically for industries prioritizing employee protection above all else. By incorporating Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind material into their rubber surfacing designs, Rubcorp guarantees exceptional quality with an emphasis on providing secure work environments where individuals can perform their tasks confidently knowing they are supported by premium safety measures.


Incorporating Rubcorp’s durable rubber surfacing material or utilizing the eco-friendly advantages offered by Nike Grind into your next project will not only elevate performance but also contribute towards a greener future. By choosing these materials, you can make a positive impact.


Numerous success stories stand as a testament to the effectiveness of using Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind material on sports surfaces across different settings worldwide. These installations not only provide safe spaces for athletes but also demonstrate a commitment towards sustainable practices within communities.


By choosing Rubcorp + Playtop with Nike Grind material for your installations, you can ensure long-lasting surfaces that prioritize safety without compromising on quality.

Nike FAQ

What does Nike have to do with Surfacing?

Playtop/ Nike Grind is a part of Nike’s commitment to sustainability. The system is made from ground Nike shoes.

How does Playtop/ Nike Grind improve performance?

The stability of the surface combines with impact reducing action allows you to work hard, for longer, with substantially reduced joint/soft-muscle tissue trauma and mitigating injury exposure.

Do you offer applications of the surface outside of sports courts?

The Playtop/Nike Grind surfacing system is available for any type of surfacing. Our expert support staff can help you with the best surfacing solution for you needs.

Does Playtop/ Nike Grind require any special cleaning/ maintenance?

Cleaning/maintenance is no more or less than any proper maintenance, but the surface provides anti-microbial benefits when properly maintained.

Why would I pay extra for the Playtop/ Nike Grind opportunity?

The opportunity gives you the right to being the only Nike Grind provider within your area along with a host of other benefits designed to increase your sales and reduce your ancillary costs.

How do I become an official Playtop/ Nike Grind certified installer?

If chosen to represent this surfacing, you will attend the 2 day Rubcorp Academy – Nike Grind Edition training and accommodate an annual inspection of product installations.

Will I receive sales and marketing support if I am chosen to be a part of the Playtop/ Nike Grind surfacing family?

You will be given access to a proven organic marketing platform that has proven to be successful.

How do I request more information about the Playtop/ Nike Grind opportunity?

Rubcorp Distribution LLC – 972.462.7259YourSurfacing@rubcorp.com


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