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Why Modern Design Buildings Are Opting For Rubber Surfacing

A major decor trend that’s defining the architectural style of modern spaces is the increasing demand for multipurpose areas. The current work-from-home lifestyle has led to people sharing workspaces with their spouse, seniors, kids, and pets. Therefore, more and more homeowners are looking for open, flexible, and practical spaces that are not just comfortable but also allow them to perform separate functions with ease.

For instance, a cheery living room is being used for working, entertaining guests, and dining. Similarly, in many households, the basement is serving multiple purposes – it’s an extra family room, a home gym, and a laundry room.

This calls for flexible and functional surfacing options that can give the living space an open and chic appeal. Surfaces like hardwood, linoleum, marble, and carpets have always been used as flooring materials for buildings. However, concerns regarding safety, scratch and moisture resistance, and high-maintenance are discouraging modern architects and designers from embracing these options.

Decor experts are gravitating towards au courant surface options like poured-in-place rubber surfacing that not just address these concerns but also look aesthetically pleasing. Here’s why rubber surfacing is emerging as a trendy flooring choice for modern buildings.

1. It’s a Versatile Flooring Option

Rubber is naturally resistant to wear and tear and is moisture-resistant and skid-proof. It offers adequate cushioning underfoot. Unlike the traditional flooring options, it’s not easily affected by moisture.

Rubber has a high coefficient of friction, giving it the ability to push back any motion even when the surface is wet. This greatly reduces the risk of falls in seniors and kids.

Even in case of a fall, rubber flooring is highly forgiving. Its natural elasticity reduces the impact and severity of a fall injury. Also, it’s a comfortable surface to walk, stand for long hours (like the kitchen), or run on. Thus, rubber makes a soft and strong surface that can be installed in every room to add functionality and aesthetic appeal to an area.

Finally, owing to its ability to handle extreme friction, abrasion, and changes in weather conditions, rubber surfacing can be installed indoors and outdoors. All these inherent properties of rubber make it ideal for establishments with modern interiors and flexible spaces that require a trendy surfacing option.

2. It Possesses Sound-Absorbing Properties

Sound treatment or acoustics is a critical design consideration in modern buildings. Most contemporary architects aim at –

– Preventing sound transmission between rooms and floors
– Reducing the background noise to enhance the desired sound quality
– Reducing the impact noise (foot traffic and noises from a treadmill or workout) and airborne noise (stems from people, speakers, or musical instruments)

Reducing the impact noise (foot traffic and noises from a treadmill or workout) and airborne noise (stems from people, speakers, or musical instruments)

Installing rubber surfacing allows them to achieve these objectives as rubber is an excellent sound insulator. Rubber effectively absorbs echo and prevents the transmission of sound between rooms and from an upper floor to a lower one.

This makes it a great choice for apartments that need quiet surfacing, especially the ones with home gyms, ailing seniors, or kids. As a result, interior decor experts find rubber surfacing to be a viable option for modern homes, offices, libraries, and hospitals.

3. It’s Inhospitable to Pathogens

Pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms thrive in moist conditions. Therefore, it’s critical to opt for a surface that’s resistant to moisture. Unlike other flooring options like cork or hardwood, rubber is impervious to moisture in any form, making it inhospitable to pathogens and allergens.

Further, dirt and grime tend to accumulate in the joints of tiles, causing the build-up of pathogens. This issue can easily be avoided with an end-to-end installation of poured-in-place rubber surfacing.

Hygiene is a key requirement in homes in metropolitan areas and towns, making rubber surfacing a suitable choice here.

4. It’s Durable

Rubber flooring is resistant to regular wear and tear. It can withstand heavy foot traffic, high-impact workouts, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather conditions, making it a durable surface option in the longer term.

Because of its high resilience, rubber surfacing is a popular flooring choice for gyms and sports centers where rigorous workouts and dropping weights is common. Once installed, poured-in-place rubber surfacing lasts for several years with minimum maintenance.

Rubber surfaces are resistant to scratch and dents; yet, in case of any damage, a local rubber surfacing expert can easily refinish and wax the area to reduce the level of damage and discoloration.

5. It Needs Little Maintenance

Floors demanding high maintenance are a big headache. Take hardwood or cork, for instance. Though these flooring options look elegant, they need constant upkeep. Spills on these floors need to be cleaned immediately, else the surface may swell over time, and harbor mold or mildew. Worse still, the moisture will seep through and permanently damage the subfloor.

Similarly, linoleum flooring isn’t a great choice if you are looking for a low-maintenance surface for a high-traffic area. Linoleum scuffs and scrapes easily and is prone to staining. Hence, it needs constant waxing and polishing.

Rubber surfacing, on the other hand, is easy to clean and needs little maintenance. In case of a spill, the fluid will not penetrate through the surface or damage the subfloor. So, you can take time to clean it off.

Reputed rubber surfacing firms like Rubcorp take extra precautions to check each inch of the installed flooring. Plus, for outdoor installations, we recommend using our UV-stable rubber surfacing range that’s resistant to fading. Such attention to detail goes a long way in improving the longevity of the luxury surface, thus reducing the need for excessive maintenance.

6. It’s Available in a Variety of Colors and Patterns

Flooring for modern spaces should not just possess the features shared above but also elevate the curb appeal of the room. That’s where rubber surfacing wins over all the other floor options. It’s not just durable and easy to maintain but also available in a wide range of colors and patterns to complement the overall decor.

Leading rubber flooring firms like Rubcorp offer designer surfacing options that can be tailored to your needs. The team uses high-quality material and topnotch artistry to add an interesting appeal to any living space.

Whether you are looking to achieve the contemporary industrial decor or going for a minimalist design, rubber surfacing can get you the look! You can either choose the speckled look to add interest to the interiors or opt for shades that work in contrast to the overall decor. The design possibilities are endless!

Summing Up

Modern living spaces are highly sought after as they carry a streamlined ‘less is more’ appeal that gives a sense of luxury and functionality. Hence, the flooring chosen here should perfectly mesh with the decor and hold against the countless assaults from the weather, foot traffic, and moisture.

Rubber surfacing meets all these criteria and does more! It is safe and needs little maintenance. Moreover, it favors minimalism and works perfectly with an open floor plan of modern buildings. Hence, it’s an ideal choice for buildings requiring versatile and designer flooring options.

If you are looking to undertake a rubber surfacing project, get in touch with Rubcorp! Our team of experts will work out the best solution after considering your needs and expectations.

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