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7 Tips to Make Your Backyard a Safe Play Zone for Kids

Almost 62 percent of parents to kids of age two to ten years, wish their little ones would spend their free time outdoors. They want their little ones to indulge in physical activities rather than browsing tablets and other gadgets. Yet, most parents are skeptical  of allowing their kids to play outdoors.

They fear the possibility of accidents owing to heavy traffic conditions or a lack of safe play areas in their neighborhood. As a result, most adults are looking to create a safe, supervised, and secure play area for kids. Installing a safe backyard playground is a great way to tackle this concern.

The need for having a secure and fun atmosphere for kids cannot be understated. Hence, we have seven tips that’ll help you transform your backyard into an ideal play area for the little ones:

1. Start by Setting a Budget

Before you go ahead with the execution of constructing a play zone, it’s wise to chalk out how much it will cost you. Get cost estimates from the playground builders in your area. Know your, options, the playground equipment you wish to install, and other details of the project.

The pricing for setting up a playground may vary from as low as $100 to $5000. The amount will vary depending on the type of safety surface you install, the playground equipment you select for your kids, and the labor and installation charges. Make sure you include all these costs before going ahead with the project.

2. Decide on Your Play Features

When setting up a play area in your backyard, the safety of your children should be the priority. Naturally, selecting the most appropriate play area equipment according to your kids’ age is critical. For instance, if you have toddlers, you may want to avoid tall structures like large slides as they may increase the risk of accidents.

Choose structures that are not just age-appropriate but also stimulate your child’s senses. Ranging from the options of a simple swing to a complex tower with two or three slides, water tables, sandboxes, play-sets – the list can go on. However, we would suggest that you keep the structure simple. Swings or slides can never disappoint any play area setup. Add natural elements like a large tree or climbing rocks that get kids close to nature.

Most of these setups should easily last for about ten years. With proper maintenance and exposure to favorable weather conditions, your equipment can also last for many more years.

3. Select Your Surfacing Material Wisely

The surface of the play zone has a critical role to play in the safety of its users. For instance, the failure to install proper surfacing materials can lead to serious falls and injuries, thus compromising the child’s safety.

Selecting an adequate residential playground surfacing is crucial to boost the safety of modern playgrounds and reduce the fall impact. Opting for cheaper but not-so-safe alternatives like  wood chips, gravel, or sand is not just unsafe but can also lead to long-term maintenance costs. Also, with time, these surfaces wear out.

For instance, people opting for wood chips may have to repeatedly replenish the materials to continue meeting the bare-minimum standards of safety requirements. Moreover, it isn’t a safe option for playgrounds as it increases the risk of serious injuries.

Rubber surfacing, on the other hand, is an ideal option for play areas as they absorb the impact of falls and offer adequate cushioning underfoot.

4. Remember to Install a Solid Fence

Fences that come along with self-latching and self-closing gates are a great investment. These ensure that your pets and children stay within the yard. If the installation of such a fence isn’t a feasible option, set clear boundaries using a natural garden hedge that allows kids to play without you worrying about their safety.

For added security, install advanced kid-friendly GPS trackers. They help to locate kids in case they accidentally step outside without your notice.

5. Check for Potential Dangers

Before your kids access the yard, identify the possible hazards in the area. Check out for elements that could prove to be dangerous like garden equipment, ladders, chemicals, and hoses among others. Secure all these items in a safe hideout. These shouldn’t be easily accessed by the little ones.

Also, inspect the place properly for holes, ant mounds, thorns, low tree limbs, and other natural hazards. Be frequent in your inspection. Look for insect nests on the play equipment and harmful bugs in the sandboxes.

6. Get Rid of Hazardous Plants from Your Yard

Grown-up kids usually do not interfere with unfamiliar vegetation. However, little kids and toddlers are often unable to distinguish between hazardous and non-hazardous plants. If ingested accidentally, many of these plants and flowers can prove to be fatal.

If you face a situation, where your child has mistakenly engulfed a poisonous plant, reach out to the American Association of Poison Control Center. However, as a preventive measure, make sure you get rid of such poisonous flora.

7. Install a Shade or Shelter

Sudden weather upsets can be rough on your kids and dampen their spirits. Moreover, when exposed to excessive sun, kids tend to get dehydrated.

Add a canopy or a shade structure to safeguard kids from the harsh sun and rain. This will reduce the risk of sunburns or provide them with a place to stay dry. Give your kids another reason to step out and have fun.

Summing Up

Kids benefit immensely when they spend time outdoors. Playtime reduces the stress levels in kids, minimizes the possibilities of childhood obesity, and encourages them to live an active lifestyle.

Use the tips shared above to create an enjoyable and safe play zone in your backyard. If you are looking for ideas, get in touch with Rubcorp! We specialize in building well-planned and safe playgrounds for kids.

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