Welcome to Rubcorp

We provide Training, support, and distribution services for the rubber surfacing industry.

icon_widget_image Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 5:00 pm Sat-Sun - Closed icon_widget_image 801 Hammond St #375, Coppell, TX 75019 icon_widget_image 972.462.7259 icon_widget_image YourSurface@rubcorp.com
We work, we play, we engage, and we unite.  Rubcorp Lifestyles Line has been perfected to be a part of your “everyday.”  You wake up early to drive yourself to an active and more healthy existence.  You spend a few hours in your garage, fiddling with a passion project.  You throw some meat on to the grill outback, while the kids play by the pool or climb on their new fort.
At Rubcorp, we want your surface to be an enjoyable component of that world.  Soft on your feet.  Safe for your loved ones.  Simple and easy to maintain.  Pleasing to your environment Rubcorp Lifestyles Line will provide an interaction to which you will look forward.

Enduring Your Growth

While enjoying the individually selected look and feel, you can rest assured that it has been soundly installed and designed to function and endure.  From our primed based, scalable rubber/resin mixture, to the preventative topcoat, the Rubcorp Lifestyles Line will provide the ultimate enhancement to Your Surface for years to come.

Luxury that Sets You Apart

Elegant colors and designs that are installed in an expansive variety of locations, this is the surfacing that will set you apart from your friends.  The noise-canceling effect and unique aesthetic provide for relaxed self-indulgence or enhanced personal engagements for entertaining.

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