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Selecting an Ideal Surface for Commercial Spaces: An Essential Guide

We agree that given the current pandemic, it might have been some time since you visited the mall, but remember it’s well-laid out floor plan? Or even better, the floor itself?

Although one may think that choosing the right flooring is an important decision only when it comes to the new house you’re looking to buy or when investing in renovating an older one. However, if you’re an architect, owner or a manager of any kind of commercial property, from kids’ playgrounds to medical centers to hotels or even small retail outlets, this one decision can turn the tide in your favor after all.

How, you ask?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward really. No matter what kind of business premises you are in charge of, it is fairly certain that the place’s infrastructure can vastly affect the way your customers view your establishment as well as the manner in which you conduct your business.

For instance, if it’s a kids playground, sand and rubber are the two kinds of flooring options you can explore. These ensure the safety of the kids, protecting them from falls and subsequent injuries while also providing a pleasing aesthetic that is in accordance with the nature of the concern. Hardwood floors are a big no in this scenario.

Thus, you see, selecting an ideal surface for your enterprise’s brick and mortar facility is of vital importance and how to go about doing that is just what we cover in this article.

How To Choose?

Deciding upon the best suited flooring for your space can be quite a hassle if you do not know on what criteria the same should be chosen. For your reference, however, we have compiled here a list of the most essential questions you need to ask yourself and your vendor before making the final decision.

Unique Needs of the Business

All commercial activities are similar and yet, quite different when it comes to working on their infrastructural requirements. This also means that every type of business has its own demands in terms of the look and feel of their physical storefront. A hospital, for example, cannot be expected to have the sand floor that was used in the kids playground above. It needs to be a firm surface which provides just enough friction for swift movement without hampering the safety of said activity. A ceramic or marble tiled floor is a good option in this case.

Need for Resilience

The strength and durability of a surface is also a necessity in various kinds of businesses. Therefore, the type of flooring needs also vary. The parking lot of a mall requires a different tenacity than say a day care center since the pressure and stress received by both is very different. Thus the reason why you don’t see rubber floors in the parking lot but it works wonders in a day care for young children.

User Safety

The welfare of its users is one of the top priorities for any company and the decisions they make in terms of their infrastructure is a clear salute to that. From the kind of wall colors to the fixtures they put in place, each element has its own vitality. The surface of the floor is also among one of these. It is important for the visitors’ safety that a hotel has flooring which is not slippery and a kindergarten classroom has something like rubber for the surface so as to reduce the impact of a fall while being easy to move and operate on.

Type of Ground

The geographical location of a store matters a lot in choosing the optimal flooring as one built on a steep hill needs to have a different surface option as compared to one built on a beach. The type of ground surrounding the shop is equally as essential as the one it is constructed upon to ensure an even floor for the safekeeping of its visiting customers.


Last but certainly not least, the cost is a major decisive factor. While you may have shortlisted the kind of floor you want for your business while going through the above points, it is also important that what you have decided on is worth it. You can input as much or as less money as you want and still have the most suitable flooring but it is crucial to consider whether that space actually deserves that surface, however expensive or cheap it may be. You cannot use an expensive marble flooring for a factory as even though it may be right by all other accounts, the inside of a factory just doesn’t require such an expensive option. A significantly less costly and yet good idea would be to use a concrete floor instead.

Some Top Contenders

One may argue here that as we established beforehand, every business has its own requirements and can thus need a completely different kind of surface option, thus having a list of the top few is subjective. Well, you are definitely not wrong. Nevertheless, there still are a few types of flooring that are among the most chosen ones across industries. A short list of these include the following:


While both polished and stained concrete have their own uses, they remain a favourite because of the affordable price tag that comes along with it. They provide a clean and contemporary look or can be stained to mimic costlier materials like marble. Bringing down the maintenance costs is an added bonus as they do not retain mold or dust and do not fade, chip or crack easily.


The most important reasons why one may go for a rubber surface is the durability and the cushioning against injuries they provide. Thus the reason why more and more playgrounds, day care centers, senior care homes, gyms etc are choosing to install the same. Once again, the maintenance costs come down significantly and its long-lasting nature helps you derive your value for money.


Carpeting is a more traditional option that is often used in colder climates to add a touch of warmth to the place. In places that demand noise absorption, like the hotel corridors, this is a very popular option. However, cleaning such a floor can quickly become a hassle if proper upkeep is not looked after.


Admittedly, wood floors can last longer in commercial spaces with regular care. But they also tend to be much more expensive. It lends an elegant and sophisticated look and feel to the area and is easy to clean, but cracks and moulding are a major adversary to the same.


This kind of surface can be made to look like hardwood or stone, but is much easier to maintain than the two. Offices, hospitals, and even schools often tend to invest in this option as it is relatively more durable and can come in various colors and patterns, thus adding to the aesthetic of the setup.

Closing Thoughts

Selecting what seems to be the ideal option for your commercial establishment’s floor is an important decision that should not be taken lightly under any circumstances. If however you are still struggling with what should be done, you can ask an expert at Rubcorp to assist you with evaluating the different options and choosing the one that is best suited to your business needs.

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