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5 Ways to Generate Quality Leads from your Rubber Surfacing Website

Your rubber surfacing website is central to your business’s online presence. Consistently producing and marketing quality content on various channels, such as social media, will help you attract your target audience to your website.

But unless you provide them with a great on-site experience and plenty of opportunities to opt in to learn more about your business, you’re not going to move them down the conversion funnel. To move them your audience down the funnel and eventually turn them into clients, you need a conversion-oriented website design.

Now, leads can be defined as website visitors who’re interested in learning more about your business, its offerings, and are ready to consider you for their rubber surfacing requirements.

So when you capture your site’s visitors’ name and email address (or phone number) to send them marketing or promotional content later on; or if you convince them to get in touch with you via email, phone, or using the site’s contact form, you can say your website is successful in generating quality leads.

Let’s take a look at five ways you can use your rubber surfacing website to generate quality leads.

Have a Welcome Call-to-Action on Your Homepage

Your homepage is one of your website’s most visited pages, and it’s also the page where it’s easy to lose visitors’ attention. If they lose interest and bounce, there’s no guarantee they’ll ever come back.

So while the design of your homepage plays an important role in hooking your visitors, you can also use your homepage to welcome visitors, keep them from bouncing away, and generate leads at the same time.

To do that, you can create a dropdown overlay or a welcome gate that visitors can easily dismiss with a click. In this overlay space, succinctly tell visitors about your business, how you can solve their rubber surfacing needs, and showcase testimonials to show you’re reliable.

If possible, you can offer a free analysis of their surfacing requirements (say, to determine which surfacing material is suitable for their needs) by asking them to fill out a quick form. At the end of the form, you can ask them to enter their email address in exchange for the analysis results.

Likewise, with a call-to-action on the homepage itself (something like “Try Us for Free”), you can offer a free trial of your products or services to generate demand in your business and capture the visitors’ names and email addresses.

Use Lead Magnets

When you think about it, why would anyone want to give up their email address? No one wants more emails in their inbox. So, you’ve got to make an offer they can’t refuse. That is, you need to use incentives to nudge them into giving up their contact information.

After all, your visitors are likely in the early stages of their buyer’s journey and are just browsing for information before making a decision. They may not be ready to become your client just yet, but you can offer them something free and valuable to capture their interest and information.

Enter lead magnets. Typically, lead magnets are exclusive digital content — eBooks, checklists, case studies, webinars, whitepapers, industry reports, how-to guides, and so on —  that help your potential customers solve a problem.

The idea is that while you offer this content free of cost, you keep it gated behind a short form with a call-to-action. As you’re providing something of value, visitors would be happy to fill out the form and hand over their name and email address.

Once they do, you can keep in touch with them and send them irresistible content and offers that nurture them into clients.

Create Interactive Content

Every modern business is aware of the significance of having an active business blog. Your competitors are likely churning out blog post after blog post with the hopes of ranking higher on Google, and so are you.

But while publishing high-quality text-based content on your rubber surfacing website will help you build online brand awareness and authority, why not raise your game by creating engaging interactive content your visitors can’t find elsewhere?

Interactive content — quick quizzes, polls, clickable infographics, surfacing calculators, needs assessments, and 360-degree videos — provide an immersive and delightful experience to your visitors and boost engagement on your website.

It makes visitors feel more connected to your business in the early stages of their journey, and the additional effort they put in to interact with your content shows they’re already invested in your process and likely willing to see it through to a conversion.

Simply put, interactive content is more captivating and increases the odds of visitors turning into leads.

Have a Live Chat Option

Another way to keep people on your website and win leads is to use live chat. Live chat not only makes for good customer service but is also great for lead generation.

Live chat gives visitors an option to have their rubber surfacing concerns or questions addressed immediately before they have the chance to click away from your site. It’s also great for visitors who’d rather type their queries than talk on the phone.

Of course, you or your team can’t be online 24/7. But you can still connect with prospects using chatbots — smart virtual assistants that are also loved by visitors as they can provide on-the-spot answers to all FAQs and concerns.

In fact, over 53% of customers prefer to use online chat when they need assistance over calling, and 36% of business websites use chatbots to generate leads. Essentially, live chat allows you to casually collect the visitor’s email address and record their product needs while also answering their questions and creating a great user experience.

Build Trust by Showcasing Contact Information and Social Proof

Arguably the most important factor in converting visitors into leads is your ability to establish trust and credibility in the eyes of the visitors. And so, it’s critical that you create a website that oozes with elements that signal authenticity.

Start by adding your business’s contact information: phone number, location, links to social media profiles, and email addresses of various team members. It helps boost the credibility of your company while giving your prospects various ways to reach out to you.

Also, add photos of your key team members in the “About” page with links to their detailed profile pages. This will further build trust and encourage potential clients to contact you.

Last but not least, showcase client testimonials and reviews on the homepage to prove the value of your offerings. Video testimonials can be incredibly compelling for prospective clients. And if you have any special certifications, accreditations, or industry affiliations, make sure to highlight them as well.

Over to You

Your website plays a pivotal role in landing you more business. When created strategically, your website can bring you a steady stream of potential clients on autopilot. Start implementing the techniques outlined above to turn your rubber surfacing website into a lead generation machine.

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