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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ideal Rubber Surfacing Installer

It isn’t easy finding a rubber surfacing installer who’ll do a fine job and offer you the best bang for your buck. There are thousands of good and bad flooring businesses and dealers out there, each claiming to be better than the other. If you fail to research, you’re risking a lot of money and resources. This post aims at offering you all the necessary information and tips needed to find the most suitable rubber surface installer for your flooring project.

Here are a few factors you should consider before hiring anyone for the job.

1. Experience

Installing rubber safety surfacing is a complex process that requires experience and technical know-how of the material, subfloor, and the multiple steps involved. A small mistake can cost you a lot of time, effort, and money.

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Further, it’s only the experience acquired when managing tough projects that helps an installer in troubleshooting and generating a timely solution to a possible bottleneck. The wealth of experiential knowledge procured over the years of service is no match to inexperienced ones who often make tall claims but are unable to live up to customer expectations.

For a project like this, you need a pro on the job. Look for a surfacing firm that’s been in the industry for several years and has a large base of satisfied customers and social following. Also, check for client case studies and the types of flooring projects they have handled. This will help you gauge the business’s expertise in the domain.

2. Reputation in the Industry

It goes without saying that the flooring installer you select should have a good reputation in the industry. But how can you gauge a business’s standing? These tips can help!

  • Go through the company website

A company’s website says a lot about its history, the quality of services, the team’s expertise, and clientele. One glance at their website and you’ll know whether or not this business is worth trusting.

For instance, the About Us page can tell you a lot about the firm’s founding journey, their vision and mission, and the founder.

Rubcorp company weite

Similarly, a readily accessible Contact Us page with multiple options to get in touch with the team is a sign that the business is listening to their customers and prospects.

  • Visit the firm’s social media page

The social media page is where the firm interacts with and engages its customers. Posts like live videos, on-site images, and behind-the-scenes videos can tell you a lot about the business and the installation crew.

Most importantly, it’s here that customers interact with the brand in real-time. So, the interactions on social media can give you an idea of the firm’s promptness in responding to their followers.

Therefore, it makes sense to visit the business’s social channel to get to know them better.

  • Check out the company blog

One sure-shot way to weigh the expertise of a business and how much they care for customers is by going through their company blog. Check out the content they are sharing. Does it address your pain-points related to installing a rubber flooring? Does it offer helpful information that’s enough to make an informed decision?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, be rest assured that the company cares about its customers and is committed to sharing top-quality content that benefits them.

Check out Rubcorp’s blog, for instance. It’s full of high-quality content that not just guides customers and prospects but also speaks of the firm’s strong reputation.

Rubcorp blog section

Another sure-shot way of measuring a firm’s reputation is through the customer testimonials and the way they respond to negative reviews. We will see more on this in the upcoming points.

3. Professionalism

Professionalism is about having structure and ethics in the way a business operates. True professionals listen to customers, are respectful when talking to them, have good phone etiquette, maintain their poise in tough situations, have a clear plan, and work according to deadlines.

The flooring installer you hire should have these characteristics and more. They should offer you a written estimate of the overall project cost and timelines. Reputed flooring companies are transparent about the foreseen delays and bottlenecks if any. Further, they readily share the necessary information and documents like licenses or insurance.

4. Licenses/ Certifications/ Permits

The US Bureau of Labor shares that flooring installers typically don’t need a formal educational credential or certification. However, rubber surfacing is a project that requires an eye for detail and a thorough technical knowledge of the process.

For instance, an experienced rubber surfacing installer will have knowledge of surface preparation, the mixing ratios, and the environmental adjustments. Reputed rubber surfacing firms like Rubcorp run a special training program, namely the Rubcorp Academy to train aspiring flooring professionals on installing surfacing systems.

Rubcorp training academay

Though most installers are careful to sign up for such training sessions and procure the relevant certifications before taking up flooring projects, it’s critical to validate the legitimacy of the document.

Also, check if the flooring business is a member of a reputed non-profit association. If they are, it’s an indication of their strong network and commitment to the industry. For instance, if a flooring company is a member of National Flooring Alliance (NFA) or National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), it shows that the installer or the rubaroc dealer is genuine and highly qualified.

While you may not need a flooring installer to necessarily be a member, it surely speaks of their high standards.

5. The Range of Services Offered

The rubber surfacing firm you hire should have a competent and versatile team that can handle a wide range of services. For instance, opting for a firm that not just offers surfacing solutions but also services like cleaning, maintenance, and repairs will save you a lot of stress in the years to come.

6. Customer Testimonials

Testimonials, stars, and reviews show a customer’s perspective of a brand. Simply put, they are word-of-mouth recommendations from people who trust and vouch for the business.

Before hiring a flooring installer, it’s wise to do a quick research on what their customers have to say about their services. Make sure you check the following places for customer testimonials, reviews, and brand mentions.

  • Google My Business page
Rubcorp customers review
  • Social media pages – Facebook and Instagram
  • Reviews and recommendations sites like Yelp and Yahoo! Local Listings
  • The business website
business website

Most firms offer photographs and videos of completed and in-process rubber surfacing projects on their site or social channels. These posts can help you get an idea of the installation team’s expertise. Reputed firms also invite prospects to visit a work-in-progress site or host live videos to give customers a glimpse of their work.

Besides checking the customer testimonials on various social platforms, ask for at least two to three references. If possible, visit these customers and inspect the work. This will help you get a solid understanding of the installer’s clientele and reputation.

7. Customer Service

The level of customer service offered by a firm can be experienced after you hire them for the job. However, certain cues can help you determine whether or not the flooring business is genuine and customer-centric.

Besides looking at their online client testimonials, pay attention to how they converse and respond to queries, either in person or online. For instance, if there’s a negative rubaroc review on the firm’s social media page, check whether they are prompt in their response . Also check if they have taken the necessary steps to resolve the customer’s issue.

Similarly, if you happen to visit their office, observe how they talk to other customers and suppliers. Is the customer support team courteous? Are they patiently listening to customer concerns or just using pressure-selling tactics? Are they offering satisfactory answers to the client’s questions? 

The manner in which the sales and customer support team converses with the client says a lot about the company culture. Hire a business that prioritizes customers and work towards building their trust.

Hiring an Installer for a Rubber Surfacing Project: 6 Questions to Ask

A rubber surfacing project is a long-term investment. It’s a decision that needs to be made with a lot of deliberation as it will affect an area’s functionality, safety, and aesthetics of an area for several years to come.

Once you shortlist potential rubber flooring installers, it’s time to make appointments and interact with them. This will not only allow them to know more about your requirements but also help you assess their competence in effectively handling the project assigned to them.

Interacting with them will also help you evaluate their professionalism and clear lingering doubts if any. Such meetings also help surface installers to propose innovative ideas to improve the functionality of your living space or commercial property.

Use the questions shared below to get a clear understanding of what you are getting into.

1. Do you offer free estimates?

Before getting a rubber flooring company or rubaroc dealer on the job, it’s advisable to get an estimate for the new surface. The process involves critically evaluating the condition of the surface, measuring the surface area, and checking for signs of moisture. This will help the installer determine how much material will be needed and the total cost. Plus, they can also proactively plan factors that can affect the long-term performance of the surface, like water drainage.

These are a few considerations to bear in mind when taking up a flooring project. Before making a decision check whether the company offers free in-home estimates.

2. Is my subfloor in good shape?

While this may not seem like a top concern for you, experienced rubaroc dealers and flooring installers understand the significance of having a healthy subfloor. If a subfloor like a tarmac, concrete, or carpeting is damaged, there could be delays in the installation and negative effects on the flooring performance.

Therefore, it’s wise to have your existing flooring examined by the potential rubber flooring installer.

3. Does the new rubber flooring need an underlayment?

A few surfaces need an underlayment between the subfloor and rubber to prevent issues like mold or rot. For instance, engineered wood and carpet are prone to moisture damage. Installing a moisture barrier underlayment can prevent much heartburn in the future.

An underlayment also acts as a sound barrier and improves the floor’s shock-absorbing potential in case you’ll be using the surface for intense workouts.

4. How quickly can you install the rubber surfacing?

Depending on the condition of a surface, the type of subfloor, the surface area, and the thickness of the flooring, rubberrock surface installation usually takes two days. However, a lot depends on the schedule of the installer and the availability of experienced crews.

Flexibility is a huge concern among flooring installers, often causing delays in the completion of a project. Experienced rubber surface installers have a huge team of certified crew readily available, allowing them to effectively manage multiple worksite operations.

They also give their clients a clear picture of the lead time and the days they don’t work. For instance, they will not hesitate in sharing details, such as when a rubaroc dealer will deliver the product and the total time taken for the product to dry.

Asking this question will help you understand the downtime for your place and accommodate unforeseen occurrences if any.

5. Can you show me some work samples?

An ideal rubber surfacing installer will readily share pictures and videos of their completed projects. What’s more? If they are good at their job, they will take you to the project site or even share customer details, allowing you to get learn about their work quality and expertise.

Before assigning a project, ask for references or work samples to make an informed decision.

6. Do you offer a warranty for the rubber surfacing?

A trusted rubber surfacing installer will not just boast of the product quality and performance but also provide a valid manufacturing and installation warranty. For instance, reputed flooring installers have experience in dealing with rubaroc products and offer a warranty, thus standing by the product they sell.

Undertaking a rubber rock surfacing is a huge and long-term investment. Make sure you check the type of warranty the installer or rubber surfacing firm offers.

If you have any other questions or concerns related to rubber surfacing, Rubcorp’s FAQ page can help. Alternatively, you can contact our team and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Summing Up

The competencies and capabilities of different rubber surfacing installers vary according to their technical knowledge and experience. This makes finding a suitable flooring installer a tricky undertaking. But not anymore! Use the information shared in this post to shortlist genuine rubber surfacing experts who can work as per your budget and requirements.

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