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Home Gyms – 5 Things You Must Get Right

Few things in our lives have been exempt from change since the Coronavirus pandemic struck, and we have all adjusted accordingly. Many of us are spending more time at home than ever, and as a result are looking to upgrade the home gym to ensure that in a world of change, your fitness routine and goals are constant.

We are living in a world where a second wave of the virus is a possibility, and future lockdowns could be enforced once again. If we are in the eye of the storm, then there has never been a better time to think about maximizing your home gym space. Here are five home gym essentials that you should think about before laying the foundations for your dream home workout space.


It might seem an obvious question, but it is an essential one. Where exactly do you think that your home gym would best be served? The garage or the basement are obvious candidates for the gym’s location, but if you are lucky enough to have one of these, they could have permanently stored items within them, which will only grow with a large family.

When considering where to setup the gym, think very carefully about ventilation and natural light. A good flow of oxygen is important, especially with more intense workouts and the light can help enhance your mood ahead of a tough workout. Garages can be great for natural ventilation when the door is open, allowing for reduced stale odor build up. Similarly, so can attics with large skylights that also help illuminate your home gym. However, if you are planning on moving heavy cumbersome equipment in then a loft probably isn’t ideal. If you are operating in a smaller space, think about investing in a good quality air conditioning system to ensure that your workout space is adequately cooled in the hottest summer months.

Finally, think carefully about the noise that could be made in the home gym, especially in a smaller home space. If possible, move your gym away from any frequently used communal living areas and bedrooms, to ensure that your home gym isn’t creating any unnecessary disturbance.


You’ve finally worked out where you can setup your perfect gym at home, but the next question is how much space do you have to play with? Your first consideration should be a simple one, is it easy to get gym equipment in or out of the space. Also, does the space allow you enough flexibility to add or change equipment as your fitness goals evolve? Finally examine the ceiling height in particular to ensure that you are able to complete a wide range of exercises and host a variety of suitable equipment.


The décor or design of a space is an extremely personal decision. Some people value a minimalist approach that almost replicates Mighty Mick’s gym in the Rocky films, while others prefer a light, brightly painted space with a home gym set that helps motivate them for each workout.

If you are operating in a relatively small space, mirrors can be an excellent option for giving the illusion of more significant space and helping you to maintain correct form when completing each workout. In my opinion, you should dedicate at least one wall to a good-sized mirror.

Depending on your budget, an entertainment system can be a simple way to take your home gym to the next level. A good Bluetooth sound system is relatively inexpensive and can help motivate you to complete those last reps in every workout. If you are working out far away from the modem, also consider a WiFi booster to ensure that you are connected when you need to be. If you are spending large portions of your workout on a cardio equipment, consider having a strategically positioned TV screen to pass the time.


You have the décor, the design and the perfect space for your home gym, now you have to consider what is the best home gym equipment for you. You have planned the primary use of the gym, now you need to pay close attention to your budget. Utilize your local fitness community and ask around if there are any second hand bargains, or look at platforms such as Facebook Marketplace.

Seek out advice on different brands and their durability, do not buy a home gym machine simply due to its looks. Remember what your fitness goals are, and be ruthless when purchasing equipment for your needs. Do you really need a lot of high-tech equipment that takes up a lot of space? How much can you do with bands and body weight apparatus such as TRX products. This is especially important if space is limited.


Carefully consider what surface you are setting up your home gym on. Whether it is concrete, carpet, wood, or rubber you need to consider their effect on the following:

Noise Reduction: If you are dropping heavy weights what surface will reduce the noise transfer around the house.

Durability: Consider what surfaces will withstand heavy equipment being moved and dropped, and need minimal maintenance to deal with this pressure.

Slip Resistance: With sweat buildup or water spillage it can become hazardous for certain activities, ensure that your surface is safe for exercise especially for heavy equipment.

Comfort: Consider whether your surface has reasonable cushioning for high impact training, or barefoot activities.

Aesthetics: This fits into the above décor consideration, but how does the surface look in conjunction with your new home gym set up, does it enhance it or bring down a few notches.

Cost: Finally, as with every part of your home gym, ensure that an adequate surface is part of your financial planning.

Final Word

There has never been a greater demand for home gyms, and it looks to increase even further as the world enters into a period of increased uncertainty. If you think that a home gym is right for you, enter into a detailed planning process across the above steps before buying impulsively. Careful planning can help build the home gym of your dreams at a relatively affordable price while keeping you and your family completely safe.

Rubcorp’s Performance Line has taken care of all of the above surfacing checklist and much more! We have produced a system that has been specifically designed to reinvigorate your home workout lifestyle, taking your home gym surface to the level that you deserve.

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