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We provide Training, support, and distribution services for the rubber surfacing industry.

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Our products and materials are internally assessed by our leadership team, and procured solely from global leaders in manufacturing and sourcing.
Rubcorp is defined by premium quality, and we stand behind that definition every step of the way.


What's in #Yoursurface

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Rubber’s low thermal conductivity, flexibility, through-coloring, and UV stability make it a viable solution for a multitude of applications and surfacing solutions. Rubcorp EPDM is the highest possible quality rubber offered at the lowest possible price. Rubcorp EPDM is available in standard as well as fine textures

Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) is comprised of recycled and pre-cycled tire materials. Although generally used to fill cracks or provide base, SBR can be combined with EPDM to achieve greater cost effectiveness in heavy wear applications and is available through Rubcorp Distribution in multiple texture classifications.

Polyurethane Resins

Binding #Yoursurface

Rubcorp’s polyurethane resins are engineered to withstand the harshest UV & chemical conditions while maintaining a Low VOC rating. Rubcorp’s single component binders increase the flexibility of finished surfaces, allowing for optimal performance in the harshest conditions and applications.

Rubcorp’s Aliphatic (UV Stabil) resin is a polymer, which is made up of long chains of repeating molecules that lends to strength, flexibility, and resistance to ultraviolet exposure. Rubcorp’s UV Stabil resin has a high tensile strength and flows slowly making it easily applied when combined with rubber or as a coating finish. It cures to a softer composition than is generally associated with most resins.

Rubcorp’s Aromatic resins (MDI Basic & MDI Hard) possess high tensile strengths and although UV exposure will cause these resins to amber temporarily, exposure will not have any negative impact on color, resilience, or adhesion. MDI Basic tends to cure slightly harder than UV Stabil and Rubcorp’s MDI Hard resin is manufactured with hardening additives to give it additional strength making it ideal for those heavy-duty applications.

Rubcorp Primer

Priming #Yoursurface

“Rubcorp Primer, a proprietary blend of Rubcorp Solvent and Rubcorp UV, has been designed and tested to ensure that the rubber layer of our systems are not only binding intrinsically, but also to the substrate. The introduction of our solvent also allows for penetration into the substrate, forming a bond that is continuous from subsurface to the closing finish.


The finishing touch to #YourSurface

Rubcorp Roll Coat

A close cousin to our Rubcorp Primer, Rubcorp Roll Coat is our basic staple of coatings.  The roll coat addresses a host of applications that can range from frequent traffic to harsh external exposure.  The primary indications and benefits for Rubcorp Roller Coat are:

  • Added UV Protection for long-term exposure
  • Additional protection from foreign debris
  • Easy of maintenance and spot cleaning
  • Increased prevention of waste and gray water interaction (locker rooms)
  • Added response to abrasive and repetitive interactions (Garages, Gyms)

Rubcorp Poly Coat

Mirroring the application procedures to the Rubcorp Roll Coat, Rubcorp Poly Coat is sprayed or rolled on a post-cure surface.  Introduced as a 2-part chemical, we have simplified this product and perfected to add a premium option to a premium surfacing system.  A bolder and more stable coating, Rubcorp Poly Coat is suitable for all Rubcorp surfacing systems, and includes additional benefits including:

  • Added Chlorine protection
  • Ultra UV Protection
  • Extreme exposure protection (equine, oil & gas)
  • Matt and High-Gloss options


The tools to make #yoursurface

  • Vertical Mixer
  • Swipe Sticks
  • Trowels
  • Knee Pads
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