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How to Adapt Your Marketing During The Pandemic

So as weeks turn to months, and as months turn to uncertainty. We must all learn to adapt to this new way of life. We must prevail through even the toughest times, and find ways to help our businesses stand through this turmoil.

More and more business will close down as this continues to expand into the next couple of months. Coronavirus marketing stats have declined, and you’re left wondering what you’re going to do, how your small business will survive this?

Even though these obstacles have presented themselves to us there is no better time than now to actually market yourself. Yes the marketing stats have gone down, but what you still have is a voice and a variety of clients that are still loyal to you. Use this time and take it to your advantage.

Here are some strategies to use that have worked for our business During this Pandemic.

Newsletter & Blogs

Here at Rubcorp Distribution LLC, we decided to start a weekly blog and have also made a monthly newsletter. We expressed what we were doing for our contractors and installers through these newsletters. Gave them insights on marketing tips, and economic tips, things they could use for themselves. It is important to give reassurance to your customers so that they can continue to come back to you.

Social Media

A Lot of the content we have coming out right now revolves around our Performance Line campaign. We have really gone into debt with an educational point of view on a lot of our posts. Explaining some of the attributes around our surfacing as well as partnering up with influencers and athletes that better understand how to deal with training during a pandemic.

Pushing Forward with Projects

Starting new projects rightnow might not seem ideal. We aren’t talking like a massive project either, but maybe a small project you had been wanting to start for some time. With all this time in your hands there is really no excuse to slow down. Imagine all the things you can finish now? Then when everything opens up again it leaves you 10 steps ahead of other competitors.

Moving Your Brand Online

Here at Rubcorp Distribution LLC we have moved a lot of our key components to our online platforms. A lot of the benefit of moving your business onto Instagram and starting a website is that in a sense this is free marketing for you. You don’t have to start paying for domains or anything up front but you can actually start to fundamentally build an audience for yourself.

All in all, don’t let these hard times take a toll on your business. Come out of this stronger and keep working so that when things settle you’ll be ahead of the game. Make sure to check out all our bi-weekly blogs on our website for more tips on marketing.

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